iBlend 2.0 - Built for Your Printing Business


SPEC iBlend 2.0 software is the most comprehensive ink management and dispensing system software available. With features including automatic valve tuning, an enhanced allocation program, and even more advanced tracking and tracability features, this is our most feature packed software to date.

Automatic Valve Tuning

Calibrate your dispense valves in seconds. Reduce out of tolerance batches and incorrect colors

Integrated Formula Design & Copy Features

Save time when creating new or modifying an existing formulation.

Optional Tablet Interface

Easily capture and reconcile physical inventory  where you store it.

Enhanced Rework Wizard

Que you rework batches and use your rework inventory faster than ever.

Enhanced Allocation Program

Spool your containers and blend your similar colored rework into larger containers to increase efficiency.

GHS Labels

Up to 4 placards on a 4" x 6" label. Increase your OSHA compliance by adding the Globally Harmonized Symbols.

Enhanced Costing Control

Know more about actual job costs based on the way you cost bases and rework inventory.

Improved  Raw Material Traceability and Reporting

Know which material is used, where and when it is used, and who initiated the use.

Improved  Batch Traceability and Reporting

Ensures you know which batch of bask ink was used for each job with new reporting options.

User Configurable Interface

Admins can restrict access to software functions for operators to improve effectiveness and reduce errors with important information.

Advanced Tracking Ability

New background program log allows administrators to know which operator did what and when they did it.

Email-Based Support Tickets

Our new support ticketing system allows you to track the status of your support request and receive updates via email.

Configurable Email Alerts

Admins can receive email alerts notifying them of login errors, low inventory, comm. malfunctions, etc. to reduce downtime.

64-bit Compatibility

iBlend 2.0 is compatible with the latest Microsoft OS and Office.

Cloud Reporting

Multiple locations can view any report from your system on your company cloud platform.

Optional SQL Database

Ensures ultimate expandability and security.

Coming Soon - Cloud-based

Cloud-based automatic backup will soon be offered on a subscription basis to keep your important data backed-up in case of hardware or data loss.

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